The Grampians

Planning a trip to the Grampians and not sure what to see how, where to go and how long to spend there? Here's my guide to exploring the spectacular Grampians National Park.

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Dear Diary: Reflection

It's crazy how much difference a couple of months can make, isn't it? And what better time to reflect on this adventure than a few days before heading off onto the next one.

New Zealand

Wellington, New Zealand

A city of culture, clubbing and a ridiculous amount of wind. If you're going to set up home anywhere in New Zealand then Wellington would be my first recommendation, even if it means never having a good hair day again... Take a look at my suggestion of places to visit in the country's capital city.

New Zealand

Waiheke Island, New Zealand

Known for it's exceptional wine and wineries, we visited Waiheke Island before saying a final goodbye to New Zealand. And Waiheke, you didn't disappoint!